Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well not much to report. Have a bit of cramping today but it is too early so I am not going to read into it. PIO was a nightmare tonight. I stuck it in, got a cramp in my side and jerked the needle around a bunch...great! That is going to hurt tomorrow for sure.

Got to watch lots of people pee today....for drug testing what a joy.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Day 3 embryos! Today is 2dp3dt

Just wanted to include pictures of our embryos....not the prettiest things...can't even really tell how many cells there are, but lets hope they do the trick.

Today, we were involved in a car accident:( and it totally freaked me out because of the whole IVF thing. Since the accident, I feel much more calm that that didn't harm our chances, but I lost it for a while.

The 2ww has been REALLY hard already. Mostly, because I have been bummed. It seems like our embryo quality sucked compared to everyone else and it is lowering our chances for a successful pregnancy. Our estimate went down from a 50/50 chance to about a 30% chance and that is disheartening. I am trying to stay positive, but it is not easy. Before, I was like.....yeah this will happen for us...it has to...now I feel like....we don't have a chance in hell. Well pray for miracles!


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Transfer is over! Mixed feelings...

Well, my transfer is done and I have completed my 24 hours of bedrest. We arrived at Walter Reed at 8am after I drank the prerequisite 32 ounces of water. That pretty much sucked! By the time the transfer came about, I could barely hold it in. We sat in a room for a long time, then the embryologist/doctor came in and talked to us. We had 6 surviving embryos at day 3....none of them were grade 1 or 2 which is very sad. Grade 1 and 2 are considered high quality. We had 4-grade 3's, 1-grade 4, and 1-grade 5. Grade 3's apparently are considered average. They recommended that we transfer back just two of the grade 2's because it was our first IVF, but we chose to transfer 3 thinking that the risk of having triplets was going to be very low....the chance of even getting pregnant are lower because of the grade.

I'm having issues staying postive about this. I guess it was just such a shock to not have any high grade embryos...it felt like it took some of my positiveness away, and now our chances are just not anywhere near as good. I don't even know that that is the case, but its just how I feel right now. Hopefully, i can kick this attitude soon and be positive.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ER Day Complete!

I was really nervous, but my day went great compared to how I thought it would go. I was very afraid of waking up, because I had heard stories of others waking out of sedation and feeling every poke. I didn't feel a thing. They retrieved 16 eggs!!!! Not all of them will be mature so I have to wait to hear till tomorrow for the fertilization report.

This is what it was like. We arrived at the hospital at 6am..Yuck! Had to get up at 4:45 and I did not sleep more than 1 or 2 hours. So, we arrived at 6 and sat around for a couple hours before anything happened. My trigger was at 10:30 at night, so I expected surgery between 8:30 and 10:30 which is pretty much what happened. They had me change into a lovely gown, robe, pants and skiddy socks in very lovely colors...as evidenced from the great photo. Then, they called us to come from the 6th floor to Ward 43. Lined 3 of us in a row and walked us down. Then we each had our own room to chill in. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to us about what she was going to do...she was a bit odd but very nice. I expressed my concern that I would wake up during the procedure, but she said it wouldn't happen. So, they eventually got my IV started for the drugs and came and got me to walk to the operating room. It was not as warm as I thought it would be....

When they put my legs in the stirrups, my legs were totally shaking and I couldn't hold them still. The anesthesiologist gave me something to relax me and asked if I felt it yet...I said no twice and started to panic...they told me to take large breaths and I woke up in the recovery room:) They told me how many eggs I got and asked me where I was that kind of stuff. I eventually asked for pain meds...which I don't think they really wanted to give me cause it kept me in recovery longer, but the nurse upstairs said to take some cause there stuff wouldn't kick in for 40 minutes and the stuff downstairs would kick in right away. I honestly felt pretty darn good...just crampy when I moved.

They eventually moved me upstairs where I met up with John. He had my meds....doxycycline, steroids...and percocet!!! I just had to pee and I was pretty much out of there. I went home expecting to sleep alot but did not..took a little percocet and have been relaxing all day.