Monday, October 8, 2007

Our Day 3 embryos! Today is 2dp3dt

Just wanted to include pictures of our embryos....not the prettiest things...can't even really tell how many cells there are, but lets hope they do the trick.

Today, we were involved in a car accident:( and it totally freaked me out because of the whole IVF thing. Since the accident, I feel much more calm that that didn't harm our chances, but I lost it for a while.

The 2ww has been REALLY hard already. Mostly, because I have been bummed. It seems like our embryo quality sucked compared to everyone else and it is lowering our chances for a successful pregnancy. Our estimate went down from a 50/50 chance to about a 30% chance and that is disheartening. I am trying to stay positive, but it is not easy. Before, I was like.....yeah this will happen for has I feel like....we don't have a chance in hell. Well pray for miracles!


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Meg said...

So sorry you dont feel very postive - IF is really hard.

I have had 6 IUI's and 6 IVF's all failed - believe me I know how hard it is in the 2ww and to be positive.

Sending you good vibes. 30% is pretty good and your embies looked good too.