Sunday, September 16, 2007

Backroads Metric Century 65 Miles!!!!

What a day!!! I officially finished my first metric century. Then, I came home and ate leftover crabs.

The ride was fun and hard. The beginning was pretty decent the hills were quite easy and it felt mostly flat. I started to get a little cocky thinking the ride would be cake, but I was very wrong. Around the 15 mile marker, it started to get pretty difficult...the rolling hills got alot more steep and you couldn't use the momentum of the previous hill to get you over the next one. I definitely suffered more than everyone else with my double while everyone else had a triple chainring. So the middle section pretty much sucked, and I began to wonder if I could stay with my group. The group was Josh, Anne(his wife), and Chris.

The first rest stop was ok. I guess I would have been more impressed if I hadn't had egg sandwiches and fresh orange slices and strawberries at Indian Head the week previously. But, the second rest stop at mile 44 was great. They served there famous tomato sandwiches, which I though I would hate but I actually found very refreshing. It was tomato, cucumber, Hellmann's and salt and pepper. Great crunch and fresh taste! While we were there a whole table of tomato sandwiches blew onto several must have sucked to have that happen but it certainly was a shock!

So it got a little easier for a while and I started figuring that I could even do 30 more miles if I had to....but then it got really hard again. After descending on this awesome hill in which I reached 42 miles per hour!!! we crested another large hill on momentum alone, but the hills kept coming. Finally, 10 miles from the end, we hit what I thought was the hardest climb of the day. It certainly hurt the worst for me. I though I might fall over, just because I was pedaling so slowly. We crested that final awful hill and Josh said that there wasn't anything bad left, but it all felt bad at that point. It wasn't flat and it hurt and seemed to be forever till we turned into the school 10 miles later. Luckily, they served hot dogs, bbq, chips, and snow cones at the end, so I felt much better. AFter all, it's all about the food isn't it? I burned 2199 calories on the ride and my legs are at times excrutiatingly painful.....but I finished with a 14 mph average speed so I couldn't be happier. Well...I would have been happier if it had been flat:)


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