Monday, September 17, 2007

My IVF Meds!! All Shots:(

Today was my baseline ultrasound for IVF#1. What a day. I thought I would understand so much more than I really do. The day started with a 4:45 wake up call to travel to Walter Reed around the beltway arriving at 6:15 am. Even though I was early, I was still 7th in line.

First, they drew blood and then I had my initial ultrasound in which I have no idea how many follicles they found:( I didn't really understand any of the numbers which was rather unfortunate. So, I have to wait till Sunday to find out how I am doing.

Next, I went to the pharmacy where I received all the meds you see in the picture. I have to give myself two shots twice per day. After the pharmacy fiasco where I waited forever for my meds, we had the injection class. The injection class where I promptly proceeded to get behind in the instructions and missed important information. They talked about it so fast that I was really confused. Luckily, John was there to listen and he heard everything that was important. At the end of the injection class, each couple had to go in individually and give two shots. One with the Lupron small needle and one big gray needle which is used for HCG and PIO. Even though I am a big chicken, I wanted to give the shots to myself so that I could do it when John goes on tour and.......

I did it. I think I am overly proud of myself for doing it, but oh well. It is a big deal to me. So, still a bit confused but over all feel in charge of my life. Shots don't start till Wed, so I can relax tomorrow!

My legs hurt so bad from the metric century!!!!


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