Sunday, September 23, 2007

CD4 I'm a boring blogger

Well, CD4 has come and gone. Nothing to crazy happened today. The docs did not seem to concerned about the breathing issues. I am beginning to feel like it might be bad allergies because of the new bedroom furniture that smells musty.

I had bloodwork today, but no ultrasound. I didn't receive a call to change my meds so I guess I continue on the same track till Tuesday. Tuesday, I should find out how many follicles I have. I also found out that I want ER on the weekdays cause then I would get IV painkillers afterwards...otherwise just pills and it hurts alot more. Took some benadryl tonight hoping that it would help me breathe.

My stomach is starting to bloat and I have felt some twinges in my stomach but overall still no really crappy symptoms. Pretty bored...I haven't been doing much since this all started. I feel pretty lazy. Anyway, I'll write more tomorrow.


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