Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The countdown begins...

So this is cd2 and I started BCP's today. So, I am officially underway. These two weeks until my baseline are going to crawl. I am trying to be more motivated and get more things done during the day. I need to stop taking naps!

Today, I did practice and wash dishes so at least I did something productive. Tomorrow is the dreaded dental appointment to get 4 fillings due to my teeth clenching. I don't know what I am stressed about (sarcasm). We are going through fertility treatments, my mom has non-alcoholic cirrhosis, and we have way too much debt right now. Bleh!

Mom is doing better. She hasn't had any episodes of confusion. I still don't know if she will be able to go on our October vacation. Not sure she is going to be strong enough.

Work is starting to settle down. It is not nearly as busy as it has been all summer. I am pretty much over working ceremonies. They are just so hard on your body. I honestly wish I could join the concert band but DH needs to for his health.

Not too stressed today. I did have a long conversation with a work colleague that has gone through IVF. She was very pessimistic and said things like...you are going to be so stressed...every step of the way...and even if it does work..half of pregnancies end in miscarriage...Nice! I don't think I will be having any heartfelt conversations with her in the future.


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