Friday, September 14, 2007

My new Bent!!

I bought a new bike! Well not really new. It is a 2004 Burley Limbo. I bought it at a local bike store and am very pleased with my purchase. It retails for 1400 and I got it for 450! It rides very nicely, just has some rust on it that needs to be cleaned off and I need to add some padding to the seat. Ouch!

I spent all day trying bikes. I rode the Rans Rocket and the Burley Canto as well. Sunday I ride in the Berryville metric century. I hope I don't have to quit because it is too hard for me.

Not much going on. I have my baseline ultrasound on Monday so that is when the craziness will start. I am pretty nervous about it. Before I was just excited to start, but now I think I am realizing what a big deal this will be with all the shots and feeling crappy etc. Monday I get my big bag of needles and supplies and learn how to shoot up.

Tomorrow, we are having a big crab feast at the house to celebrate the stuff that is going on and as kind of a last hurrah. I don't plan on eating crab during the cycle.


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