Friday, September 21, 2007


This is supposed to be my blog from last night because I was too lazy to blog last night. I started stims today...Bravelle and Menopur and it stings..all the way in. Yuck! Even sticking the needle in hurts cause the medicine gets on the tip so it burns when in the skin.

Pretty uneventful day. Taught just two lessons and did my shots. Did some work for the job.

Side effects? Felt like my upper chest and throat were tight and had trouble with breathing a bit...also embouchure felt pretty messed up, felt like I was having an allergic reaction.

Mom is having extreme difficulty with insurance not wanting to pay the rehab center bills. Not this again. I wish it weren't happening cause it just stresses me out. Seems to have resolved this morning.

So CD2 has begun...gained almost 2 lbs today already but still feel fine.


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